Upcoming Exhibitions

No20: Galeria Carles Taché
Carrer de Mèxic, 19, 08004, BARCELONA, Spain
13 July – 21 September

Galeria Carles Taché and No 20 are delighted to present a group show featuring the work of
Shaun Fraser, Polly Johnston, Max Maxwell, Harry Morgan and Keith Roberts.

‘Flows to the Future: Shaun Fraser & Hannah Imlach’
Thurso Art Gallery, Davidson’s Lane, THURSO, KW14 7AF, Highland, UK
15 September – 27 October

‘Flows to the Future’ is an ambitious project which is restoring areas of blanket bog in the heart of the Flow Country of Caithness and Sutherland that have been damaged by forestry planting.

As part of this endeavour two artists were commissioned to create works in response to time spent immersed in the unique environment of the Flows.

Shaun Fraser is an artist working predominantly in sculpture. His work explores notions of identity and connections with place, repeatedly referencing the Highlands and Islands where he grew up.

Hannah Imlach is a Glasgow-based visual artist whose transient and site-specific works respond to a particular landscape or recent development in scientific understanding and often focuses on environments threatened by changing climate.

This show at the Thurso Gallery marks the inaugural exhibition of their works created in response to the Flow Country.

‘Theories of the Earth: Shaun Fraser, Wayne Binitie and Fora Bowden’
GroundWork, 17 Purfleet Street, KING’S LYNN, PE30 1ER, Norfolk, UK
October 13 – December 16

Glass and bronze sculptures and reliefs, drawings, prints, sound installations, and jewellery, from three artists with shared interests in elemental aspects of the environment. Each artist is seeking in different ways to reflect on the deep histories of the earth, on its geological formation.

Wayne Binitie and Shaun Fraser formed a professional and personal friendship while studying glass at the Royal College of Art and discovered that they had both visited and been fascinated with Iceland, and its stark, magical and mysterious landscapes. Subsequently, Wayne has worked with the British Antarctic Survey, studying glacial water, recording icicles in sound and image.

For Shaun, growing up in the Highlands of Scotland, landscape has always featured heavily as a part of his notion of self. His work often comments upon links to landscape and connections with a wider sense of environment. By incorporating soil and natural inclusions into his sculptural works he hopes to tap into some of this disposition; the ability to evoke this sense of place.

Flora Bowden has developed a new visual vocabulary of stone from her research into geological studies taking place in the 18th century in Enlightenment Edinburgh. Her work derives inspiration from the geological discovery of ‘Deep Time’ first explored in James Hutton’s book of 1795, ‘Theory of the Earth’.

The artist says: ‘One plate in particular details the mineral formations of granite and feldspar, which present very angular, geometric forms. Hutton describes these as having a ‘typographic character’, which has been the starting point for much of my work. I am interested in the idea of a vocabulary or language of stone, and how I can develop this from Hutton’s image.’